Why work? /English Description


"Why work"

Most of those who identify themselves in the national-religious camp generally live according to the principle of dividing their time between Torah study and productive labor.  This calls for some discussion: Is this done because of an ideal, or is it because labor is necessary to survive in our society?  What is the value of career professions such as hi-tech? How can one combine Torah study with labor in his profession when most of the day is dedicated to work?

This pamphlet deals with such questions from the perception of various elements of our society. Experience today and the positive attitude of our Talmudic sages towards productive labor is summed up in the Talmudic maxim of "Labor is essential." What are the arguments for such a positive attitude? And what are the ramifications for religious life today?

The world outlook presented in this pamphlet – based on both Halakhic and Aggadic sources – views productive labor not only as a necessity, but as an ideal.  According to this outlook, productive labor is most important and essential in following a normal life and in establishing a healthy and religious life style, founded on the principle of "Torah and Derech Eretz."

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