For the past several years, I have identified with the mission of Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah.

This is the only organization of its kinds that is fighting for us, for Religious Zionist youth, for everything that is dear to us in education, in the relationship between religion and state, and in advancing Religious Zionist values.

Our children spend many hours a day on social media. “Room for Questions,” in its new version, is a content channel for teens and young adults on Instagram and Tiktok, through which they will encounter new, relevant content containing deep, rich and open religious discourse every day.

Your contribution will enable “Room for Questions” to become a central, significant content channel for religious youth.

I took it upon myself to raise a modest amount of X NIS from a campaign whose goal is 280,000 NIS. This is my small part for this very important enterprise and every shekel will be doubled by generous donors and will help “Room for Questions” stand on its feet.

I would very much appreciate your contribution. It can be made security by credit card or Bit, and it is tax deductible.