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Facing or refraining from Challenges?

Coed or Separate Education?

Integrative or Homogeneous?

We believe that Education in Co-Ed Elementary Schools has many social, psychological and educational benefits. Especially today, educating modesty will come across more correctly within a mixed educational environment.

Know your child’s rights as an Oleh:
• An elementary school student in his/her first year in Israel is entitled to weekly extra academic assistance as follows:
– A study group of 1-3 students; 6 weekly hours
– A study group of 4-9 students; 10 weekly hours
– A study group of 10-15 students; 15 weekly hours
• In addition to these rights we strongly recommend you ask the school to provide you with the following resources:
– An English speaking parent in the school (preferably someone who has gone with the Aliyah process) to help you navigate all things school related. From Translating school emails or fliers to helping you understand different rules and regulations. Having another parent help you with these things can make your child’s integration into the new school much smoother.
– A teacher or assistant that can mediate and keep track of your child’s progress and requirements in each subject that she/he is studying.

How to organize a parents meeting:
We see much value in parents organizing meetings with their respective schools to discuss all issues they have when it comes to the education of their child. We are aware that there are many useful models and styles of for these types of meetings but from past experiences, we believe the most beneficial meeting of this sort includes as follows:
1) An Aliyah representative from the ministry of education.
2) An integration representative from your municipality.
3) A representative from your school administration.
For more information on parents meeting and if you would like our help in organizing such a meeting. Feel free to contact Orit Lasser- Phone #: 0556632541 and email: [email protected] .