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“So that you broaden your understanding”

The question of the relationship of religious Jews to understanding general studies in our times.

by Rabbanit Doctor Chana Friedman

The course of studies of religious youth has invited significant debate in regard to the relationship between Torah studies and general (secular) education.

(1) Does the obligation to learn Torah override the desire for occupation with general fields of study?

(2) How can general studies be resolved with the rabbinic prohibition of learning Greek wisdom and the Apocrypha?

(3)  What is the place of general knowledge in our religious world outlook?

In this booklet, we will examine the relationship of the Jewish religious world to secular studies and the Halachic, historical philosophical obligations

and concerns that affect us, as well as the causes and objectives of our needs to combine the two worlds of religious and secular learning in our curriculum.

At the end of this discourse, the accepted distinction  between the holy and the secular has been broadly discussed, and we have suggested an old-new approach to the relationships between man and his physical body and between man and the world and between man and God.

We have also appended suggestions for youth activities that complement and enrich the ideas of this booklet, written by Midreshet Torah  va’Avoda.

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