Atkhalta Detikva /English Description


Etzha Laderech- Instilling Torah Va’avoda Values in Future Generations

Atkhalta Detikva

Religious Zionism and the State of Israel

Soul Searching: Is All Hope Lost? Rabbi Chaim Navon

Including an Educational Program for Youth Leaders By Eldad Weil

Is the State of Israel “The beginning of redemption”? If not, what is its religious value? Must one obey the laws of the state? What happens when Halakha and the law are in conflict?

These questions and others are addressed by Rabbi Chaim Navon in this booklet, which deals with the ideological status of the state and with the halakhic requirement of commitment to the law.

Etzah Laderech, a joint project of Ne’emanei Torah Va’avoda and the Kibbutz Hadati, develops educational material for use by youth and adults for strengthening Torah Va’avoda values.

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