Rabbi Yuval Cherlow:

We could present it as a victory parade for Orthodoxy and display proof of the correctness of Orthodox Jewry.  Eight to ten percent of Diaspora Jewry, more or less, will remain with us and the remaining ninety percent will disappear.

I don’t consider this to be a victory, I see it as a disastrous defeat, as a huge danger and as a failure to fulfil our primary mission which is first and foremost  to safeguard the Jewish people.

I am searching for my brothers.

Chana Friedman:

Our Sages note that the city of Jerusalem was not divided up amongst the Tribes, thus it does not belong to any specific tribe or sector but rather to the entire Jewish people – Israelis, Diaspora Jews, religious people of all streams, and secular Jews.  Jerusalem belongs to all of us.  Although it is the holiest place in the world, and perhaps because it is so holy, we have to know how to give in on demanding the highest level of halakhic observance and standards of holiness in order to enable all Jews to be part of it.

Rabbi Riskin:

It is unthinkable that we deposit the future of Judaism, in the sole hands of Orthodoxy, and not with others also.

Devora Evron:

It is our task, our task within the State of Israel, our task within Israeli society.  We want to support an arrangement at the Western Wall.

Rabbi Benny Lau:

We have to be vigilant to ensure that each and every Jewish man and woman from all Diaspora communities will feel at home at the Western Wall.

Rachel Kern:

The Western Wall belongs to the Jewish people.  We must make sure that it is only an expression of ahavat chinam, loving other Jews freely without judgement.

Rabbi Cherlow:

We have an uncompromising disagreement with the Reform and Conservative streams on religious issues.

However, we must first remind ourselves that in the next generation, the majority of Diaspora Jews will be unaffiliated.  They won’t even be identified as Reform or Conservative Jews.  If we neglect to keep in contact with these communities then, according to all estimates, half of the Jewish people will have simply disappeared by the next generation and in the succeeding generation we will be left with a small group of Jews who are supposedly faithful to Orthodox Judaism.  Then it will become apparent to the Orthodox community in Israel and the Diaspora, that we are losing the cream of our children who are leaving Orthodoxy, as is already the case in the ultra-Orthodox communities such as Williamsburg and Monsey etc.

We must change our outlook and learn to understand that it is our responsibility and in our interest and we must do a lot in order to rebuild our connections with all sectors of the Jewish people and to ensure its existence in the future.

הכותל המערבי