The Western Wall has been in the headlines for months now.  The prayer arrangements are bogged down in discussions and the ongoing struggle surrounding one of most important sites for the Jewish people is causing it damage. We have a proposal.

It is unreasonable that these  arrangements only involve the ultra-Orthodox haredim and the Reform Jews.  Although these two sectors are important, they are not representative of the entire Jewish people, and certainly not of the Jews living in Israel. Let’s put aside for one moment the question of how we pray at the Kotel. Instead, let’s focus on how the Western Wall is currently managed and how we deal with it.At present, the Western Wall is managed by a Non-profit , “The Western Wall Heritage Foundation” which is headed by the Rabbi of the Western Wall.  Why?

The Western Wall is not only a place of prayer, it is not a shul. it is a regular site for national ceremonies such as on Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers, and swearing-in of new IDF recruits.  Family celebrations and public events are also held at the Western Wall.

So, management of the Western Wall and discussions about what events take place there should take into account all of us, or at least the majority of the Israeli public. We propose setting up  by law, a Public Council to run the affairs of the Western Wall.  The Council members, men and women, would come from the relevant government ministries, from the Israeli public and from representatives of the Jewish people in the Diaspora.  The Council would be headed by the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, itself supported by the Government of Israel and Diaspora Jewry.


  • 1. Chairman of the Jewish Agency – Chairman

  • 2.Cabinet Secretary

  • 3. CEO of Ministry of Jerusalem

  • 4.CEO of Ministry for Diaspora Affairs

  • 5. CEO of Ministry of Tourism

  • 6.CEO of Ministry for Religious Affairs

  • 7.CEO of the Chief Rabbinate

  • 8. CEO of the Antiquities Authority

  • 9.Two public figures to represent people who pray at the Western Wall

  • 10.Three public figures to represent Diaspora Jewry