Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah

Israel’s Modern Orthodox Movement

NTA is a movement of thousands of Israelis who work towards a healthy balance of liberal and Jewish values for a secure and positive future for the state of Israel. A recent shift towards the right has been eating away at the religious Zionist community and alienating many Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora. NTA pushes against this extremism, fostering liberal values, strengthening the moderate voice, and repairing the connection between Israel and Diaspora Jewry.


Bottom Up

With hundreds of activists throughout the Religious Zionist network, we are the first to know when extremism creeps into the community. NTA evaluates the problem, brings it to the attention of the public, influences the influencers, and prepares the groundwork for change.

Top down

NTA affects policy by providing information to government bodies gleaned from our field work, participating in government committees, and helping to compose bills in areas of religion and state and education. We also take legal action when necessary. We raise awareness among rabbis, communal leaders and politicians of the need for a religious framework that is more democratic and open.



We strengthen the values of Torah Va’Avodah, social responsibility and equality in the Religious Zionist school system. By promoting academic studies, as well as Jewish studies, equal opportunities for women in schools and youth groups, social responsibility, we forge a healthy co-ed society for the next generation and push back increasing gender segregation and decreasing in math and science hours.


We focus on making Israel’s religious services and institutions more open, accessible, and democratic by working with government agencies to create a framework that offers all Jewish Israelis the opportunity to live the religious lifestyle that appeals to them. We participate in government committees, and help compose bills to be presented at the Knesset that affect the core issues of religion and state.


We know Israeli society. Here, public opinion is a major factor in policy change. We ensure that the public is aware of issues threatening the health and pluralism of Israeli society. Via conferences, academic journals, educational materials, newspaper articles, media appearances, social and educational research and more, we bring the issues to the public creating a awareness and demand for change.