Confrontation or Cooperation Orthodox Judaism and its Attitude to Non-Orthodox Denominations and to Diaspora Jewry / Rabbi Dr. Ronen Lubitch

What should be the attitude of Orthodox Jews to other denominations of Judaism? How have Halachic authorities and Orthodox thinkers addressed this question? What should be done about the growing gap between Jews living in the State of Israel and those in the Diaspora? Is it possible to rethink the relationship between the Orthodox and liberal Jewish communities?

This booklet seeks to discuss these questions from an authentically Orthodox point of view, one which is committed to Halacha as traditionally understood and to the continued existence of the Jewish people. Together with an in-depth survey of the history of modern Jewish trends, and a discussion of halachic attitudes towards them, the author presents a complex and nuanced position which does not blur the borders between the Orthodox world and the world of Conservatives and Reform, while at the same time recognizing the need for cooperation in the fateful challenges of our time: the future of Judaism, and the face of the Jewish world in the coming generations

Why work? /English Description

“Why work” Most of those who identify themselves in the national-religious camp generally live according to the principle of dividing their time between Torah study and productive labor.  This calls for some discussion: Is this done because of an ideal, or is it because labor is necessary to survive in our society?  What is the […]

The Chosen People/ English Description

  “The Chosen People” How Jewish Law relates to the non-Jew Rabbi Dr. David Ben Zazon Including an Educational Program for Youth Leaders By Eyal Berger. .The concept of “the Chosen People” is one of the fundamental beliefs in Judaism ?What is the significance for Jews to believe that we are God’s Chosen People How […]