Let’s share Western Wall rather than divide it

Op-ed: It’s time to stop fighting over the Western Wall and create ways to overcome division which cater for all sects. The holy site should be run by a public council including representatives of the relevant government ministries, public delegates representing male and female worshippers, and representatives of the Diaspora Jewry.


New research has shown that graduates of the state religious school system earn 18% less on average than their peers from the state’s secular school system.

The research was conducted for the Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah (NTA) religious-Zionist lobbying group, which said that despite the discrepancies in income, some of the findings of the study indicated healthy societal trends within the sector.


kashrut in Israel has become a highly charged issue, with the Chief Rabbinate trying to defend its monopoly over kashrut supervision against the actions of insurgent activists trying to tear it down.

Last week, the High Court of Justice heard a petition against this monopoly and the justices sharply criticized the Chief Rabbinate, which leaked details of plans it has for reforming kashrut supervision.

In-Depth Study: Nearly Half Of Religious Sector In Favor Of Various Options For Civil Marriage

49% of individuals who classify themselves as National Religious (Dati Leumi) support, in varying degrees, assorted options for civil marriages in Israel, which would mean a change in the status quo, claim the results of a recently-released in-depth survey. The survey, conducted on a sample of 400 people by the religious Miskar Survey Institute on behalf of the Ne’emanei Torah V’Avodah movement, revealed that the option with highest rating is civil marriage for those deemed “ineligible for marriage,” excluding same-sex marriages, which was supported in varying degrees (“low,” “medium,” or “high”) by some 35% of responders