Et Lidrosh

Parsha Leaflet

Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah’s youth forum initiated the publication of a weekly leaflet, Et Lidrosh, to serve as a platform for a broad range of opinions, a religious “meta-discussion” conducted by means of a monthly commentary on the Torah. This leaflet, which was published regularly for eight years, was intended to serve as an alternative to the leaflets distributed in Israeli synagogues which reflect and reinforce uniform opinions within the Orthodox community.

Et Lidrosh is a leaflet that raises issues of particular concern to young people who hope to incorporate values both modern and religious in their lives.

To date, contributors to Et Lidrosh have included Rabbi Yuval Cherlow and Rabbi Yehuda Gilad; interviews have been published with such figures as Prof. Aviezer Ravitzky, journalist Ilana Dayan, and musician Ehud Banai. In advancing an open discourse, it emphasizes democratic values and their place within Jewish thought.

We are hoping to revive Et Lidrosh and make it a weekly leaflet.

While in print, Et Lidrosh was printed monthly; 50,000 copies were distributed to synagogues around the country. An additional 1,000 subscribers received the leaflet via email.

Feedback was very positive, with readers often getting in touch to discuss issues raised in print.

Et Lidrosh was printed from 2004 until 2012. At present, Et Lidrosh is not in print due to a lack of funds. We are currently seeking donors to help revive the program and expand it so that we can distribute the leaflets on a weekly basis.