Freedom, Authority, Responsibility / English Description


Eitza Laderech- Instilling Torah Va’avoda Values in Future Generations

Freedom .Authority. Responsibility.

Rabbinical Authority vs. Personal Responsibility in Religious Zionism

Ben-David Rabby Yitzhak
Including an Educational Program For youth leaders

By Anat Shapira

What is the relationship between the authority of the Poskim and the
individual’s freedom? How should individuals cultivate their religious lives?

How should they make decisions regarding spiritual dilemmas?

Should people use personal discretion or rely on rabbinical Halachic
decrees. Or seek modern rabbinical advice

What role do the rabbis of today fill in one’s personal life?

These questions and others are addressed by Rabby Yitzhak Ben-David in
this booklet’ which deals with the involvement of Halakhic scholar in everyday
life, based on a firm belief in people’s freedom and their obligation to build
their lives by taking responsibility for their actions.

Eitza Laderech, a joint project of Ne’emanei Torah Va’avoda and the Kibbutz Hadati, develops educational material for use by youth and adults for strengthening Torah
Va’avoda values.

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