Ma’agalei Tsedek operated between 2004-2015, and strived for social justice and activism. Its main belief was that a just society should be the purpose and meaning of religious Zionism and for a Jewish state overall, in light of the prophets’ vision. After ceasing operation, Ma’agalei Tzedek has revived in the past year, wishing to reposition the concepts of Judaism and justice at the heart of the public discourse.

In recent years, the Israeli public mostly heard about Judaism regarding Kashrut, Shabbath and the like; many within the Religious Zionist Sector have felt a growing need for a more profound understanding of Judaism and of the sector’s ideological goals. Ma’agalei Tsedek seeks to re-establish social commitment and justice as core components of Judaism, no less than any other. Rather than aiming for sporadic acts of Tzedakah, Ma’agalei Tsedek wishes to change the public discourse, return Judaism and justice to the forefront of public discourse, and reshape the identity and worldview of both the citizens and holders of public positions. We believe that thus a long-lasting impact on the Israeli society can be created and sustained, another important step on the road for Tikkun Olam.

Our current projects:

  • Shmita

    most Israelis know Shmita only as a year of increased vegetable prices, but it lies at the root of one of the core ideas of justice in the Tanach. Ma’agalei Tzedek wishes to re-attribute those ideas to the Israeli perception of Shmita, by making accessible numerous ways of performing the Mitzvah in accordance with modern life. The biblical Shmita is an opportunity for a new beginning, thanks to the mitzvah of debt relief. Accordingly, one Ma’agalei Tsedek initiative is using public funding to repay debts of families in need, in exchange for their undergoing a finances management course by Pa’amonim – thus, gifting them the opportunity for a fresh start.

  • Construction accident

    •  rates in Israel are among the highest in the OECD. In light of this datum, we hold dear the biblical imperative, “you shall make a guard rail for your roof, so that you shall not cause blood.” Ma’agalei Tsedek acts to promote awareness to encourage social responsibility and solidarity, as well as policy change and effective civil tools, such as a designated app for reporting safety hazards.
  • Like most Western countries, the Israeli culture endorses the saying “the world belongs to the young”. Ma’agalei Tsedek believes in an alternative with Jewish roots: considering the elderly as worthy, equal members of society, a source for wisdom. By fighting to enforce the existing law requiring to grant the elderly a right of way in lines, holding inter-generational study groups, and launching a “30 above 70” Forbes issue, Israel can lead in honoring the elderly and offering them an equal part in society.

We consider the continuous contribution of Good People Fund for good deeds and justice to be an inspiration. We thank you for your attention, and look forward to an opportunity to work with you.

Ma’agalei Tsedek

לוגו מעגלי צדק חדש