Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah maintains an extensive web presence in order to create an open and wide-ranging dialogue about the Religious Zionist community, its future, and a variety of issues. Our website serves as a platform for discussion on current issues in the community; our Facebook group draws thousands of members to a dialogue on cutting-edge topics; our Twitter feed, YouTube channel, and TheMarkerCafe presence give our community forums.

סרטון פייסבוקNe’emanei Torah Va’Avodah operates a website ( that is fundamentally different from other religion-based websites—in the plurality of views presented, in its bold halachic positions, and in its intellectual openness. Unlike many other websites, in which political, personal and social issues are colored exclusively by halachic conservatism and ultra-Orthodoxy, our site makes a serious effort to deal with the difficulties of religious life in the modern world.  The website stores back issues of Et Lidrosh and De’ot as well as essays written by members of the movement.

The organization’s website also serves as a forum for open discussion on a variety of topics concerning Judaism and Israeli society. It is an open and self-critical platform that aims to expand cultural-religious discourse. It gives a voice to a plurality of religious perspectives and promotes public activity on issues of deep concern to religious society. Finally, it helps shape the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

צפיות פייסבוקAlongside the website, Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah maintains a presence on other platforms. Facebook is a great way to keep members up-to-date on activities and to inform them of new campaigns. Our Twitter feed has nearly two thousand followers who want updates about activities of interest and relevant news. We have a presence on TheMarkerCafe, another social media platform. And our YouTube channel broadcasts creative advertisements about our activities as well as clips from lectures.

Our Facebook group currently has upwards of 7,500 members, our Twitter feed has 1,900 followers, 500 people follow us on TheMarkerCafe, and hundreds of thousands have watched our videos.

It is our hope that our web presence promotes a tolerant and open voice within Israel’s Religious Zionist community, one that rejects segregation and seeks out a place within greater Israeli society.

At present, we are seeking a grant for social media, primarily distribution of our video clips and posts in social media.