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“Society as a Whole Modesty in a Mixed Society”

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow and Ran Huri Including an Educational Program for Youth Leaders By Michal Efrati

The debate regarding the gender make-up of Religious Zionist society has been a heated one for many years. The question of how we view society and how the value of modesty plays out in it is relevant in many areas of our lives: from schools and youth movements, to military and national service and university studies. It is also relevant to the daily lives of adults: in the workplace, within the family and at social events, and more.

This booklet discusses these questions through a comprehensive look at various positions and opinions and with an analysis of the relevant issues. This booklet suggests a world view that strictly follows Halakha and places at its base the normal and natural life within society as a whole, and views modesty in the general sense as one of its more important foundations.

Etzah Laderech, a joint project of Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah and the Kibbutz Hadati, develops educational material for use by youth and adults for strengthening Torah Va’Avodah values.

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