The Chosen People/ English Description



"The Chosen People"

How Jewish Law relates to the non-Jew Rabbi Dr. David Ben Zazon Including an Educational Program for Youth Leaders By Eyal Berger

.The concept of "the Chosen People" is one of the fundamental beliefs in Judaism ?What is the significance for Jews to believe that we are God's Chosen People How does the Torah relate to non-Jews? What should be the proper relationship of an? Israeli Jew toward the non-Jew in Israel

Rabbi Dr. David Ben Zazon attempts to deal with this question and others in this pamphlet and presents the Halachic principles to the question of the proper relationship between Jews and non-Jews in Israel. He explains the obligations of Jews toward nonJews according to sources in the Torah and accepted ethical values, portraying man as .having been created in the image of God

Etzah Laderech, a joint project of Ne’emanei Torah Va'Avodah and the Kibbutz Hadati, develops .educational material for use by youth and adults for strengthening Torah Va'Avodah values

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