Since its founding in 1978, Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah has accumulated thousands of dues-paying members; thousands more have participated in activities and purchased booklets and publications.

As an organization whose activities include education, leadership training, a journal, lobbying, advocacy and a media presence, our budget at present is approximitly 1.5 million NIS per year. We are pleased to have supporters and friends from around the world who share our vision and make our programs possible.

Alongside the individual donors who support our work, we owe a debt of gratitude to the following organizations:


  •  The AVI CHAI Foundation
  •  The Gimprich Family Foundation
  •  The Israel Religious Expression Platform- iRep
  •  The Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey
  •  The Levi Lassen Foundation
  •  The Maimonides Fund
  •  The New Israel Fund
  •  The Popper Prins Foundation
  •  The Religious Kibbutz Foundation
  •  The Shoresh Foundation
  •  The Ted Arison Family Foundation
  •  The Trump Foundation
  •  The UJA-Federation of New York
  •  The Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago
  • The Yoreinu Foundation


We are also grateful to the Israeli government, particularly the Ministry of Culture and Sport, for its support.

Our activities are also possible due to the many individual donors who are committed to our dream. We are further privileged to work with volunteers who serve as legal advisers, translators, website coordinators, social media coordinators, event planners and fundraisers.

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