New Opportunities for Home Purchases for Young Religious Families

As part of our vision to strengthen marginalized urban neighborhoods, we are encouraging investment in urban areas which already have substantial existing networks of schools and community organizations.  These areas serve as a home to a diverse community of different ethnic groups of lower economic standing. We believe that there is a bright future and exciting opportunities for young, middle-class families to move into our targeted areas, and be a part of advancing a neighborhood revitalization.  

There is tremendous upside for growth in our targeted neighborhoods.  We seek investors and new residents to move to these neighborhoods and thereby weave a strong and variegated community.  

We are promoting specific apartments for sale in newly renovated buildings.  These residences are designed for individuals or families who can bring with them a strong appreciation of education, culture and community to the area. 

With a new infusion of talent, a stronger neighborhood of shared life will be formed. Our project enables urban and social renewal by impact investors who are looking for economic opportunities in underperforming real estate markets.  We have partnered with real estate agents to promote the sale of specific apartments. While we hope that buyers who move into these apartments will participate in the local religious community and schools, this is not obligatory.  

Our first focus is two neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv – Kiryat Shalom and Shapira.  We are looking for the first buyers to initiate our revitalization of the neighborhoods. The apartments offered for purchase are in the range of 3-5 rooms, and these apartments are new.

The neighborhood is especially attractive for young families as the public schools, including the religious public schools (Mamlachti Dati) have received outstanding marks from the Ministry of Education.   

Starting in south Tel Aviv…

Projects in the North…

  • Kiryat Motzkin, Issachar 4-6

  • What is the vision?

    Creating a common fabric of life for the various tribes in Israeli society by living in shared buildings, and promoting the social conditions for its creation in peripheral neighborhoods.
    This vision will be promoted by selling part of the building to residents of other tribes who will be coming to the neighborhood, integrating them with education, culture and community activities in the neighborhood, thereby creating an acquaintance and building a model of living together. The project will enable urban and social renewal by impact investors who will settle for lower economies.

  • Who is responsible for what?

    Ne’Emanei Torah Va’Avoda Trustees movement seeks to connect people and refresh religious Zionist communities by bringing new families and integrating them as an integral part of the community. The movement advertises the project and initiates social events common to all, in order to establish a broad community.

    Traffic is not part of the transactions, but it will be reimbursed for marketing costs made. All procurement procedures on all stages are done through the developers and contractors, depending on the location of each project. Every apartment marketing process, contract signing, etc. – are all done through them and not through traffic.

  • Ne’Emanei Torah Va’Avoda trustees have no responsibility for the success of the project and have nothing to do with the project but solely for marketing assistance in formulating a task group of interested parties. Torah and work trustees are also not mediators, and the compensation will be paid to her for the full range of assistance in organizing a group of people interested in a missional community, project advertising and marketing. Initial assistance for the project was provided by the New York Federation.


  • Lod-Seret neighborhood

  • Be’er Sheva Neighborhood c & d

  • Gedera

  • Kiryat Yam

  • Kiryat Motzkin